Products originally from Lake Baikal

worn in 35 countries
on 6 continents of the world

About company

Accessories - rings, pendants, earrings, brooches, bracelets, cufflinks, belts - born in the union of Murano glass and durable metal (brass, cupronickel, silver). Jewelry, often created according to the author's sketch and in a single copy. From the Old Slavic language, the brand name is translated as “reward, gift”: with each order we give you a piece of good energy.
About company
Olafa’s birth.
The Olafa brand was born on February 8, 2016 (Olafa in Old Slavonic means a gift, a present).

Our first brand jewelry photo shoot.

Our first experiment with сubic zirconia implanting in glass balls.
A show room and an order for the Olympic games.
Olafa entered the international stage: we got the first order from an American customer.

We had a high jump Olympic champion as our client.

We set up a jewelry and designer clothes showroom, but it didn’t last long. Olafa came back online.
A photo revolution and Olafa’s first party.
We got the new material first supply of borosilicate glass from the UK. A new epoch of Olafa crystal balls began.

I gave up phone photography and bought a camera to study professional photography.

On New Year’s Eve we hosted our first live jewelry try-on party for our customers.
We started the year with changing our logo as part of a big upgrade. We changed the florid Old Slavonic font design to a more simple and clean one.

That summer we also changed the package design: a craft box with a sticker was dropped in favor of embossed branded packaging.

Our new Olafa_Images section premiered; since then once a week we have a stylist advising our customers on how to wear and match jewelry.
Olafa trademark registration and its presentation to English-speaking customers.
We came up with a new Jewelry In a Wine Glass live party format to offer our customers premium wines to taste and designer jewelry to try on.

Olafa trademark was registered.

We launched another Instagram account exclusively for English-speaking users.

We got our first federal grant of RUB 150,000 for the website development.

We created our own b2w (beauty to women) concept, similar to b2b.
The website launch.


And now a little about us - the people who produce Olafa jewelry. We are Elena and Roman, the founders of the family workshop. In our couple, the wife is responsible for the magic glasses, and the husband is responsible for the strong, yet refined metal foundations.

Previously, we were closely engaged in science and pored over dissertations, but one trip to Cyprus turned our life upside down. On the island, we met a jeweler who inspired us to create works of art in glass and metal.

We started together, but today there is a whole team of like-minded people behind the Olafa brand (including lampwork masters, stylist, translator, operator, artist). We inspire each other with ideas, and with the created decorations - the whole globe.

Our team

Once, the Olafa team included only two persons, the brand founders themselves. Their tandem worked quite simply: Elena melted glass, and Roman cast brass fittings.

However, with an increasing number of orders, entering the international market and reaching a higher service level, the team started growing.

Our team
Let us introduce you our current team:

Elena, CEO

The brand founder and spokesperson. At one time, Elena personally melted all beads out, and now she is personally managing all business processes.

Roman, brand founder and workshop owner

He is still responsible for the most hazardous part of the production process, metal casting.

Olga, high-end lampwork master

In any baffling situation, she is melting glass. There are no impossible orders for Olga.

Elena, high-speed lampwork master

The only remotely working member of our team, she melts glass in Moscow.

Natalia, master of wax patterns

Every jewelry comes into the world, on paper and in wax, in her hands.

Aleksey, glass blower

The only master capable of making complex faceted cubes of borosilicate glass.

Natalia, order manager

An important connecting link. She turns our clients’ dreams into clear terms of reference for masters and makes sure that each parcel reaches its addressee.

Ksenia, translator

She is responsible for clients from the other side of the globe as she manages the Olafa’s English-speaking account.

Larisa, stylist

The author of the Olafa Images column and a supplier of bold ideas.

Yana, copywriter

She makes sure that jewelries and clients speak the same language.

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